CompactPlane-Laser 3D

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Three-dimensional laser with magnetic clamp and wall bracket

  • PowerBright laser with 3 bright 360 degree laser lines.
  • Straight forward plumb function using laser crosses.
  • With the magnetic clamp and wall bracket the device can be used as a standalone unit, in a combination as well as in horizontal and vertical position
  • Ideal for mounting horizontally and vertically on drywall construction profiles.
  • Automatic Level: automatic alignment by virtue of a magnetic pendulum system.
  • Tilt mode is an additional feature that permits gradients to be laid out.
  • Optimised for work close to the ceiling.
  • Out-Of-Level: is indicated by optical signals when the unit is outside its self-levelling range.
  • Transport lock: A pendelum lock protects unit during transport.


  • carrying case
  • clamp and wall bracket
  • batteries




4 Years Manufacturer Warranty