EziCat i550 + EziTEX t100 + EziSYSTEM Bag

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EziCAT i550 cable locator with depth estimation + EziTEX t100 signal generator + original EziSYSTEM carrying bag


EziCAT i550

As with all GeoMax cable locators the EZiCAT i550 is robust and easy to use. Packed full of all the well-known, beneficial features like:

  • Automatic pinpointing

  • Depth estimation
  • Modes:

Power (default)

  • Hazard zone

  • Pinpoint assist

  • Signal strength indicator

  • Built-In self test

  • Service due indicator

The EZiCAT i550 makes avoiding and locating buried utilities an easy and efficient task. It's simple to operate, so you can just press the trigger and start locating.


EziTEX t100

The t-Series signal transmitters are compact, robust and easy to use. They are dual frequency transmitters that have been designed in conjunction with the EZiCAT cable locators to easily and accurately avoid, trace or locate buried cables and pipes. We would always recommend using a EZiTEX signal transmitter whenever you are trying to locate buried utilities.

  • Improved utility detection in areas of high signal interference

  • Improved detection of inactive utilities such as street lights

  • Enables depth estimation, when using a depth estimation cable locator

  • Enables you to locate non conductive utilities (e.g plastic, concrete etc) when used in conjunction with EZiSYSTEM accessories

  • Clear audio and visual controls
  • Modes:

33 kHz

8 kHz

8 kHz and 33 kHz (connection mode)

  • Built-In self test

  • 1W Transmitting Power

Using an EZiTEX signal transmitter will significantly improve the locate process and reduce utility damage. On average, a signal transmitter will help you locate 50%more buried cables and pipes than using a locator by itself.



Bag helps to keep everything in proper place as well as protects devices during transport. The EziSYSTEM Carry Bag is designed specifically to keep your EziCAT and EziTEX safe when not in use and will still have capacity to carry additional locating accessories.