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Hitechniques HiMark groundmarkers - original groundmarking solution 

  • Don’t waste time searching for that station point - never lose your station points again.
  • Your staffman will never put the prism point in the wrong position again - you don’t even have to point it out to him, or check his position
  • Visible and stable for years
  • Heavy duty – central steel spike with PVC surround
  • High visibility cap for easy location
  • Easy installation – no special tools needed, just a hammer
  • Hammer connects directly with the steel spike, not the plastic head
  • Anchor ribbed for stability and firm grip
  • Dimpled push-on cap for positioning the prism pole point
  • Write the station name on PVC head with permanent marker
  • Use different colour heads for different types of stations
  • Selection of different profile heads for various applications available on demand
  • 3 lengths (300/500mm and 400 on demand) depending on soil conditions
  • Low cost durable solution