Quadrum G 410S

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Fully automatic rotary lasers with an extremely durable design. With green laser technology.


  • With DLD technology for a clearly visible laser beam
  • Robust waterproof housing with powerful head and side magnets
  • Sensor Automatic: Temperature-stable sensors that control the electronic positioning of motor alignment
  • Anti-drift system (ADS) tilt: automatic shutoff by ADS when there is an external disturbance
  • All rotary laser functions can be controlled via a remote control from up to 40m
  • 4 IR receiving diodes allow this instrument to be remotely operated from all sides
  • Transport Lock: a special motor lock protects the unit during the transport
  • High-performance laser receivers are available as options
  • Integrated safe-operating concept


Inclusive carrying case includes                                                                                 

  •      SensoLite 410                                                                                                           
  •      Universal mount
  •      Remote control
  •      Battery compartment
  •      Power supply/Battery charger
  •      Rechargeable batteries
  •      Batteries