Zone 60DG + Beam Catcher ZRD105D + Tripod/Staff + Free Disto D1

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Special September OFFER - GET FREE DISTO D1

Buy Zone 60DG Fully Automatic Digital Grade Laser with 5 Years WARRANTY+ Beam Catcher ZRD105B Milimeter Digital Receiver with Beam Catch and Beam Lock Function + Tripod + Staff and GET FREE Disto D1 - SAVE €95


GeoMax Zone60 DG Fully-Automatic Digital Dual Grade Laser

The new and powerful GeoMax Zone laser rotators portfolio offers the right construction tools for all trades and applications. Regardless if you’re just starting in the industry dealing with the fundamentals or you’re a seasoned professional handling complicated applications, GeoMax laser rotators are ready to work wherever you are. 

  • Fully-automatic grade specifically designed for construction workers who need the dependability and accuracy of a fully professional grade laser on a daily basis. Insert the percent of grade needed in either single grade or duel grade and the Zone60 DG will self level to that slope.
  • Self-levelling horizontal, vertical, digital slope in dual axis (full-automatic).
  • With a straightforward user interface on both the laser and the RF remote, the craftsman is always in full control.
  • Comes with 5-year full-cover warranty

GeoMax ZRD105B Digital Beam Catcher

Best digital display technology, packed into a professional and robust housing. Fully featured for a top performance with precise results. Dual display, supported by adjustable LED and audio signals. Build-in flash suppression.



  • Range up to 900m (diameter)
  • Bubble level for exact measurement
  • Precision: 0,5mm;1mm; 2mm; 3mm; 5mm
  • Four types of indication the detector’s position:


LCD display with arrows
Digital reading of height differences
Three different colours bright leds
Sound (slow beeping, fast beeping, solid tone)

  • Automatic power off function
  • Detection window – 105mm
  • Suitable to work in every conditions: IP67, -20° to +50°
  • Extra long operating time over 50h on one battery
  • Delivered with 2xAA batteries and professional holder

Leica DISTO D1 Distance Meter with BlueTooth Technology

The Leica DISTO™ D1 offers professionals as well as DIY users an easy-to-use laser measuring device. Turn the DISTO on, press the ON/DIST button and you’ve got a measurement. It’s as easy as that.

Leica DISTO™ accuracy and reliability
It may be small and simple to use, but that doesn’t mean we sacrificed on accuracy. The D1 has just what you’d expect from a Leica DISTO™, unwavering accuracy to 2mm.

Two laser measure modes
Linear distance and continuous measurement. Both have a range of up to 40 metres. No more sagging tape measure, working around furniture or carrying a ladder just to get basic measurements.

Extended functionality and error-free measuring documentation
Pair the D1 with any smartphone or tablet to create digital floor plans on the fly with the DISTO Sketch app.

DISTO™ Sketch
DISTO™ Sketch integrates measurements into project images or job-site sketches to speed up workflows. Error-free documentation of projects sent instantly back to the office or to the site.

We brought the D1 down to just the basics because not everyone needs the functions like height tracking, area, volume or point to point that you find in our other DISTO models. The D1 is perfect for quick and accurate interior measurements. It is small, very light and has a non-slip comfort grip that makes it easy to hold. This is a real benefit when you’re trying to measure at awkward angles or are swapping between other tools in your bag. Whether you are measuring for interior carpentry, flooring, hanging pictures on a wall or just checking to see if the furniture you’re looking at online will fit in your house, the D1 has you covered.