Quadrum OneTouch

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Simple One-Button Operation Laser with Fully Automatic Levelling System and Dual Manual Slope Function
  • Robust waterproof housing
  • OneTouch operation: The laser is switched over from setup mode (AntiShake) into secure mode (ADS-Tilt) with a single press of a button – simple operation.
  • Sensor Automatic: electronic positioning motors controlled by temperature-stable sensors make horizontal alignment automatically.
  • AntiShake: for rapid set-up, on vibrating surfaces and in windy conditions.
  • ADS tilt: automatic shutoff by ADS (Anti-drift system) when there is an external disturbance.
  • manual slope mode permits the layout of gradients up to 5 °.
  • With its extra long receiver unit, the SensoLite 410 enables quick laser acquisition over great distances. LC displays at the front and rear, super-bright three colour signal LEDs and melodies indicate the level of the laser beam. Tough, waterproof housing with powerful head and side magnets.
  • All functions of the rotary laser can be controlled with the remote control from up to 40 m.
  • The 4 IR receiving diodes allow this instrument to be remotely operated from all sides.
  • Transport Lock: a special motor lock protects the unit during the transport.
  • Long service life thanks to effective power supply.

Technical data

ACCURACY + 0,75 mm / 10 m
LEVELLING Horizontal automatic
LASER RECEPTION RANGE max. 400 m radius
LASER class 3R, < 5 mW
POWER SUPPLY rechargeable batteries for 35 hours alkaline batteries for 50 hours
WATER AND DUST PROTECTION Quadrum IP 66, SensoLite 410 IP 67
WEIGHT 2,6 kg
DIMENSIONS (W x H x D) 215 x 205 x 165 mm

Technology key

  •  7 Hours recharge time
  •  ADS tilt
  •  Anti shake
  •  Dust & water protection 66
  •  Hard Case
  •  IR control
  •  Laser Class 3
  • Red Laser 650 nm Red Laser 650 nm
  •  Temperature stable sensors
  •  Transport lock
  •  Tripod connection 5/8"
  •  Uses 4 C batteries

Delivered with:

802885 Sensolite 410 Set
999796 Rechargeable Battery
999793 Mains unit/charger
999794 Battery Compartment
999797 Batteries
999785 Remote Control
999788 Carrying Case


4 Years standard manufacturer's warranty