Is Hitechniques a company for you?

Hitechniques is a high-performing Irish company with an array of technologies for surveying and construction industry. We deliver advanced tools and technologies used in a wide range of geospatial industries and applications, from DIY enthusiasts and construction professionals to large quarries, windfarm, surveying and construction engineers; from defining dimensions and angles to mapping wide areas.

As individuals, we love to share our knowledge and expertise. We're committed to constant learning and increasing our skills. 

As a team we want to reach the highest efficiency by proper resource planning with help of innovative software tools.

As a Company we’d like to create better opportunities for construction companies at any size. Our goal is to create the perfect customer experience through our 360° Support.

Take a look at the vacancies list below and join our team! 


Current Vacancies:

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Note: If you have not found the right position for you among our vacancies, but think that your profile would be of interest to Hitechniques, please send us an application anyway. Remember to state the preferred focus of your work. We will keep it in file and carefully check whether your profile matches one of our vacancies and contact you. 

Previous Offers:

  • Service Technician
  • Surveyor
  • Product Manager - 3D and Surveying Measuring Systems
  • Service Technician / Engineer
  • Technical Sales Executive - Construction Measuring Equipment