Pipe Lasers

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    GeoMax Zeta125G pipe laser Zeta125G green beam laser

    Zeta125G LC2 Li-Ion Universal Target (laser class 2M)

    The NEW GeoMax Zeta125G Green Beam Pipe Laser has versatile configuration, a full range of features and a rugged design. The GeoMax Zeta125G green beam pipe laser fits in tight bends and narrow manholes. Thanks to its slim housing, it is suitable...
    Was: €3,714.60
    Now: €2,971.68 (Inc. VAT)
    Was: €3,020.00
    Now: €2,416.00 (Ex. VAT)
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    Nedo Green Pipe Laser TUBUS 2 Nedo Green Pipe Laser TUBUS 2

    TUBUS 2 Green Pipe Laser

    Easy to operate. Extremely robust. The compact design of the TUBUS 2 Pipe Laser enables it to be used in narrow pipes with diameters of 125 mm and more and in tight pipe bends. Insertion into small-diameter pipes is simplified by the innovative pipe...
    Was: €3,964.29
    Now: €3,171.43 (Inc. VAT)
    Was: €3,223.00
    Now: €2,578.40 (Ex. VAT)
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    GeoMax Zeta125 pipe laser Li-ion Uni Target (6010623)

    Zeta125 Series Pipe Laser With Universal Target Plate

    Original GeoMax ZETA125 Robust Pipe Laser For Sewer and Drainage Systems The GeoMax Zeta125 Series Pipe Laser provides ±10 arc second accuracy which boasts great functionality and versatile configuration, ideal for control and implementation of...
    Was: €3,431.70
    Now: €2,745.36 (Inc. VAT)
    Was: €2,790.00
    Now: €2,232.00 (Ex. VAT)