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Wide Selection Of Instruments - Best Hire Rates


Rental is a great way to extend your fleet and complete projects without the overhead costs of maintenance, transportation and storage. Whether you’re completing a weekend project or major construction works, renting  allows you to focus your time and money on the project, not acquiring the tools.

We offer surveying equipment rental covered by our comprehensive hire fleet: Dumpy and engineer's levels, GNSS RTK systems, manual total stations, robotic total stations, laser levels, cable locators, pipe lasers, thermal imaging cameras, inspection cameras and many more.

  • All equipment comes with our 360° Support
  • One day hire available
  • Negotiable long term hire rates
  • Quick Guides and Return Packs included
  • Next day delivery

To book your instrument call us at (0)1 257 2323 



Daily Rate

Weekly Rate

Monthly Rate

GNSS/GPS Rover 100 250 800
Robotic One Man Total Station - 250 800
Reflectorless Total Station 50 100 320
Engineer's Level - 20 70
Rotating Laser - 30 100
Dual Grade Laser - 50 160
Pipe Laser - 50 160
Pipe Inspection Camera 75 150 500
Thermal Imaging Camera 100 300 1000
Covermeter 50 150 500
Cable Avoidance Tool 30 60 200
Cable Avoidance Generator 30 60 200
CAT+Genny Bundle 50 100 320

All prices excluding VAT