RTK Rovers

  • GeoMax Zenith60 GNSS receiver Zenith 60 surveying GNSS receiver

    Zenith60 LTE-IMU Flexible Rover Set, multi-constellation

    Work fast and trust your results with Zenith60 Become more productive and efficient with the Zenith60’s calibration-free tilt capability, making every survey faster and more convenient. The antenna is resistant to magnetic interferences, so you can...
  • GeoMax Zenith06 smart antenna Zenith06 GNSS Smart Antenna

    Zenith06 GNSS Smart Antenna

    A simple GNSS rover that will give you more flexibility, and save more time and money. The Zenith06 entry-level smart antenna, with X-PAD field software, is a solution that offers both simplicity and accuracy while being cost-effective. The...
  • GeoMax Zenith16 GNSS Receiver GeoMax Zenith16 GNSS Rover

    Zenith16 GNSS Receiver

    Zenith16 GNSS Receiver GPS Receivers Ireland | GNSS Receivers Ireland | GPS/GNSS RTK Rovers  We stock the Zenith16 GNSS Receiver and a wide range of GNSS Receivers in Ireland as well as other construction and surveying equipment. Enquire...
  • Zenith40 GSM Rover Set, multi-constellation (6013623) GeoMax Zenith40 surveying GPS

    Zenith40 GNSS Receiver GSM Rover Set, multi-constellation

    Zenith40 6013623 | GNSS Receivers |GSM Rover Set, Multi Constellation GPS Receivers Ireland | GNSS Receivers Ireland | GPS/GNSS RTK Rovers We stock the Zenith40 6013623 and a wide range of GeoMax GNSS Receivers in Ireland as well...