In-house & Bespoke Training Courses


You asked, we listened - Hitechniques is now bringing training direct to customers' own offices and building sites!

GNSS and Total Station

Calling the survey company every time a drawing is updated, a dump truck drives over a setting out peg or when there is a query on a setting out dimension is costing you time and money?

Just imagine how much more efficient your team could be if they were able to do setting out and prepare drawings themselves, using the equipment you probably already have on site or can easily hire

That's why our In-house Training Courses are designed to develop customers' surveying skills while building on their existing workplace experience. We can supply tailored instrument courses, on-site setting out training specific to your needs and advanced surveying courses for existing users. 

Matterport 3D Capture

Upskill your team, so they can create and utilise digital twins for documentation, risk management, remote inspections, project management and more. Our bespoke 3D capture course can be adapted to your specifications, so it focuses on skills most valuable for you and your team. 

We can provide a full day training for up to 10 people at a location and date of your choice. Get in touch to discuss your exact requirements and pricing.



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