Are you looking for an opportunity to work with state of the art technology with a team of highly motivated and skilled professionals who are innovative and highly respected throughout Ireland?  Do you want to be recognised for your outstanding high end surveying equipment and land surveying knowledge?

Due to continued growth, we are seeking an experienced Surveying Engineer who is passionate about the latest technology and who is able to apply strong land surveying and problem solving skills in this role.

Why Would You Want To Work With Us? 

Hitechniques is a high-performing, Irish company with an array of technologies that is changing the shape of the world around us for the better. We deliver advanced tools and technologies used in a wide range of geospatial industries and applications. From DIY enthusiasts and construction professionals to large quarries, wind farms, surveying and construction engineers, from defining dimensions and angles to mapping wide areas, just name it.

As individuals, we love to share our knowledge and expertise with an absolute commitment to constant learning and increasing our competencies. As a team we want to reach the highest efficiency by proper resource planning with the help of innovative software tools. As a company we’d like to deliver a Perfect Customer Experience.

Some of us use these strange words like Kaizen or Poka-Yoke. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

What are the benefits of working for us?

  • Flexibility

  • Supported self development

  • Opportunity to be a significant contributor in company growth

  • Freedom in designing the workspace

  • Mentally stimulating job

  • Lack of routine

  • We do not use word Geek - we call that being smart

  • We reward progressive people

Who Are We Looking For?

We are currently recruiting for a surveying engineer to join our growing team in Rathcoole, Co. Dublin. This is an exciting opportunity for a highly motivated individual to join the family of surveying instruments specialists which gives fantastic development prospects.

Quick Overview Of Everyday Duties:

  • Continuously growing your depth of knowledge on the products you support, as well as expanding to new technologies and domains as you learn more of our products

  • Working as part of an office based flexible and multi skilled team

  • Playing a vital hands-on role contributing and achieving our customers set objectives within everyday business

  • Researching, identifying and describing field and office software solutions on customers’ request

  • Supporting customers with after-sales training

  • Answering technical support requests (phone, email, other channels)

  • Developing instrument and software guides

  • Providing scheduled training on instruments

  • Demonstrating surveying routines during the sales process

  • Researching and preparing for new instruments and software

  • Coordinate with marketing personnel to develop marketing content

  • Source and prepare marketing images and content

  • Attend weekly team meeting

  • Prepare monthly KPI report

Key Responsibilities of Surveying Engineer

  • Becoming expert in Geomax and other software & equipment

  • Providing after-sales training and support

  • Demonstrating surveying tasks

  • Training prospects & Hitechniques staff

  • Developing programs for future equipment

  • Providing marketing content and imagery

  • Preparing manuals and guides

  • Writing step-by-step processes, instructions and technical solutions using clear and concise English.

  • Learning new products quickly and effectively. When given access to user and manufacturer documentation, knowledge base articles, and infrastructure developing a layered understanding of how the product works end-to-end

What Are The Requirements?

  • Your current customers think you are a magician because you’re able to solve complicated problems with your technical expertise

  • Your English is good enough to communicate verbally and in written form with customers. You don’t have any problems with deep understanding of written documents.

  • You have engineering degree in one or more of the disciplines mentioned below (or equivalent):

    • Land Surveying

    • Geomatics

    • Geo Information

    • Civil Engineering

  • You need to be able to constantly learn and develop your knowledge and skills, this includes self-learning outside of your working hours

  • You have excellent computer skills:

    • You are experienced Autocad user

    • You know at least one desktop surveying (mapping & modelling) package

    • You know how to maintain and solve issues with operating systems, software and drivers (PCs, handheld devices, tablets, embedded systems)

    • You have basic knowledge of coding (you won’t be programming full time, but you need to know the basics of at least two programming languages)

    • You need to be able to do research and use software tools for solving the problems which may occur during your work

  • You don’t have any problem with mathematics, numeracy and accurate data entry skills

  • You have strong spatial intelligence / awareness

  • You need to be able to complete all service events through the CRM/Insphire database system

  • You have minimum 5 years Experience in land surveying

  • You are able to work on own initiative

  • You are able to work under pressure

  • The position requires particular vision requirements including the ability to adjust focus or adjust the eye to bring an object into sharp focus.

  • Some travel abroad is required

We Value

  • Land Surveying Engineering Irish NFQ Level 7 Qualification or higher (European EQF 6 or higher)

  • Experience in using scanners, drones, lidar

  • Familiarity with business procedures: invoices, delivery procedures, payments

If you are motivated and enthusiastic, keen in high end technologies, having vast experience in the field of land surveying, and be versed in engineering practices as well as having excellent computer skills – this job is for you.

If you are interested in this position and meet above job requirements, please forward your CV and resume to


Note: We reserve the right to contact only with some of the candidates. Recruitment process may require online meetings or online tests.