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GeoMax Zone20H Fully Automatic Full Waterproof Dual Axis Manual Slope Laser With ONE Button Operation Function

GeoMax products are built to withstand all environmental conditions. And they prove it with a 3-year cover-all warranty. GeoMax equipment is built with the intention to withstand all conditions you run into during your daily work. Rain, hail, snow or intense heat will never affect your GeoMax equipment, you can always keep working to get the job done. 

Economic and firm entry level laser rotator. With a solid-built housing and a straightforward interface, this laser offers all functions needed for regular and flexible use. 

The Zone20 H packages come with your choice of detector included in the price - conveniently choose the right package for you and your job needs.​ 

  • The Zone20 H is a laser tool for general construction and leveling applications such as setting forms, checking grades, and controlling depths for excavations

  • If set up within the self-leveling range, the Zone20 H automatically levels to create an accurate horizontal plane of laser light.

  • Once the Zone20 H has leveled, the head will start rotating and the Zone20 H is ready for use.

  • 30 seconds after the Zone20 H has completed the leveling, the H.I. Alert system becomes active and protects the Zone20 H against changes in elevation caused by movement of the tripod to ensure accurate work.

  • Self-leveling horizontal manual slope in dual axis.

Add range and precision to your work. Increase your range in your work environment with the GeoMax remotes, a hands-off operation with all functionalities and enhance distances and all light conditions with the GeoMax receivers.

zrb90-small.jpg ZRB90 (Basic Receiver)
Dependable, entry level performance receiver with all basic features.
ZRP105 (Pro Receiver)
Top performance. Professional format with a detailed, multi-channel analog, dual display, supported by adjustable LED and audio signals.  Build-in flash suppression.
ZRD105 (Digital Receiver)
Best digital display technology, packed into a professional and robust housing. Fully featured for a top performance with precise results. Dual display, supported by adjustable LED and audio signals. Build-in flash suppression.

What's In Package

  • Zone20H Dual Slope Automatic Laser Level
  • Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery
  • Charger With Adapter
  • Selected Laser Detector/Receiver With Bracket And Battery
  • Carrying Case
  • 3 Years Full Warranty
  • Manual
3 Years Full Warranty - Hitechniques is Authorized Warranty and After Warranty Repair Service Partner of all Geomax products.