Customer review: Unicontrol machine control system

Customer review: Unicontrol machine control system

Posted by Brian Mangan B.E. (Agric. Eng.) on 19th Jun 2023

Rotanev Ltd. are a civil engineering and ground contactors run by brothers Tom and Padraig Conway. Based in Co. Clare, they carry out bulk earthworks, pipework and concrete works for their clients around Ireland.

Rotanev has an extensive fleet of machinery, including articulated dump trucks of up to 30 tons and excavators ranging from 3 to 30 tons. They were one of the first companies to try out the Unicontrol3D machine control system we introduced in Ireland last year on a housing development they were working on in Limerick.

"We availed of the free trial the rest is history.", said Padraig Conway, Managing Director at Rotanev.

When asked why he decided to go ahead and buy the system after the trial, Padraig named the ease of use as one of the main factors. Machine operators only need minimal training to be able to use the system and if they have any problems, the Hitechniques team is there to help.

"We’re very happy with the customer support. Any issues that have arisen have been dealt with quickly through remote support option or if Brian is in the area he will call into site."

The other thing that convinced Padraig to use Unicontrol was the UnicontrolCloud which allows remote uploading of drawing files to the machine as well as downloading as-builts from points surveyed by the machine.

"The Cloud is great. To be able to remotely upload drawings means I don’t have to be on site to get the guys up and running. The fact that you can create your own surfaces and simple drawings through the software is great. It means that we didn't need AutoCAD 3D software for the drawings."

After talking to Padraig we also asked his machine operators Kieran and Fergal for some feedback on using Unicotrol3D. Both men have extensive experience working with heavy machinery and worked with other machine control systems in the past.

"Great system easy to use. I've used it to survey kerb lines for guys who were waiting on an engineer! I never have to wait for anything as I can set levels and see the linework that I need on screen. I couldn't do without it! Great support from Brian, too. He knows the system inside out and can talk me through most of the issues I've had. Also he can take control of the tablet through the quick support app so that he can see what I am trying to do.", said Kieran.

Fergal agreed with his colleague and added that he really appreciates the independence the system gives him.

"The Unicontrol system is a lot smarter than what I've seen and used. You can change drawings and create surfaces as you go, no need to wait for engineers to modify a drawing for you. Very user friendly. Very tidy setup as in the box that comes with the system will fit behind the seat of the machine. The other systems you would have to bring in your van on site to set up your machine and it just creates extra work you don't need.", he said.


Unicontrol is a straightforward system that offers all the functionalities you need. It speeds up work and improves communication between machine operators and the office. If you’re interested in trying it out for yourself, get in touch with us today.