Efficiently Resolving Power On/Off Issues in Nedo Laser Model LINUS1 HV

Efficiently Resolving Power On/Off Issues in Nedo Laser Model LINUS1 HV

Posted by Philip Hanrahan B.E., B.A., M.I.E.I.; Lucky Sharma B.E. (Elec. Eng.) on 20th Apr 2023


Nedo lasers are known for their precision and reliability, but occasionally, they may encounter power on/off issues. This article shares a practical approach to diagnosing and resolving such issues in the Nedo Laser Model LINUS1 HV without the need to send the unit back to the manufacturer for repair.

Initial Experience with Nedo Laser Repairs:

A few months ago I faced a challenge with a Nedo laser that wouldn't rotate. After unsuccessfully attempting to fix it, I contacted the Nedo service centre in Germany. They suggested it might be a software issue and quoted a 60 Euro fee for a software update. With the customer's approval, we sent the unit to Germany for repair. However, Nedo's repair estimate was a surprising 700 Euros which led to the customer declining the service. This frustrating experience motivated me to find an alternative solution for future repairs.

Troubleshooting Power On/Off Issues:

When I received another Nedo laser with a power on/off issue, I was determined to repair it myself or inform the customer that it was unrepairable. I began the diagnostic process by testing the battery which proved to be in good condition and not the cause of the problem.

Identifying and Resolving the Problem:

Upon further investigation, I found that the main switch PCB board was likely the culprit. I sourced a replacement PCB board from Nedo Germany for 15 Euros with a 30 Euro shipping fee. I then remembered that we had some push buttons in our old spare parts inventory which could be used for the repair. After locating the appropriate button, I replaced the faulty one on the PCB board, successfully repairing the laser.

Customer Satisfaction:

After reassembling the unit I contacted the customer to inform them that their equipment was fixed and ready for collection. They were pleasantly surprised to learn that I had repaired the laser at my service centre without the need to ship it to Germany. This efficient and cost-effective solution left the customer highly satisfied with the outcome.


By developing a thorough understanding of the Nedo Laser Model LINUS1 HV and its components, it is possible to diagnose and resolve power on/off issues effectively without relying on the manufacturer for repairs. This approach saves time, reduces costs and enhances customer satisfaction.


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