IADT Embraces Matterport Technology for a More Accessible Learning Experience

IADT Embraces Matterport Technology for a More Accessible Learning Experience

Posted by Oliver Murray on 25th Jun 2024

The Institute of Art, Design + Photography (IADT) in Dun Laoghaire, known for its progressive approach to education since the 1960s, continues to innovate. Now boasting state-of-the-art facilities and a diverse faculty, IADT equips its 2,500+ students for success in today's creative marketplace.

Matterport Makes its Mark at IADT

Building on its commitment to cutting-edge resources, IADT has recently incorporated Matterport technology. Oliver Murray, a Matterport specialist from Hitechniques, trained staff on using the Pro 3 LiDAR camera to create digital twins of various spaces.

3D Virtual Tours Enhance Student Orientation

The first project using this 3D virtual tour technology is a digital model of the library. This model serves as a valuable tool for new students navigating the college. Students can virtually explore the two-story library, locate specific sections, and familiarise themselves with the layout to easily find areas where the technology such as the automated check out and check in machines are located.

A Welcoming Resource, Especially for Newcomers

This virtual tour offers a significant benefit for all students, but particularly for those who might find the initial in-person experience overwhelming. By providing a chance to explore the library beforehand, students can feel more confident and prepared during their first visit.

Looking Forward to Continued Innovation

IADT is excited to explore new and innovative ways to utilise Matterport technology, further enhancing the learning experience for its students. We look forward to continuing to support the college in this exciting journey.


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