NEW Automatic Grading Attachment from Unicontrol

NEW Automatic Grading Attachment from Unicontrol

Posted by Brian Mangan, Philip Hanrahan B.E., B.A., M.I.E.I. on 15th Apr 2024

Unicontrol announces its innovative automatic grade control for grading attachments, alongside a strategic partnership with Level Best Precision Grading.

At Unicontrol, the core belief is that technology should empower everyone in construction, regardless of company size. Their automatic grade control system boasts features like 6-way blade and automatic side shift control, significantly boosting grading project efficiency and precision. Operators can focus on manoeuvring the machine while the 3D machine control takes care of precise grading, maximizing productivity.

“Teaming up with Unicontrol allows us to enhance the capabilities of our precision equipment,” said Bart Townsend, General Manager of Level Best. “Integrated solutions streamline operations, saving time and resources and cutting costs while enhancing accuracy.”

Precision for Sustainability and Success

Precision grading benefits everyone involved - owners, operators, and the environment. Minimized material waste and increased operational efficiency translate to cost savings and contribute to more sustainable construction practices. This user-friendly technology empowers businesses with a competitive edge through:

  • Reduced Material Waste: Less material overuse or underuse leads to cost savings and environmental benefits.
  • Increased Efficiency: Saves time and fuel, streamlining operations and offering long-term benefits.

Making Innovation Accessible

“With our latest automatic grading solution for grading attachments, we're not just advancing construction technology; we're making it accessible to businesses of all sizes,” said Ehsanullah Ekhlas, Unicontrol CCO & Co-Founder. “By offering an automatic grading solution at the right price point with no extensive training needed, we're levelling the playing field, allowing more companies to compete effectively.”

Transforming the Grading Landscape

As Unicontrol joins forces with Level Best Precision Grading and others, the construction and landscaping industries are poised to witness a significant transformation in the precision of grading projects. By making this technology more accessible, Unicontrol empowers contractors of all sizes to compete more effectively and deliver superior results with user-friendly automatic grade control readily available.

Effortless Grading, Exceptional Results

Unicontrol3D is designed for easy use. Thanks to an user-friendly interface and intuitive controls you can get started quickly with any of their systems. Operators of all experience levels can become experts in no time. The new Automatic Blade Control is no exception. You simply set your desired specifications, and the system automatically adjusts the blade height and tilt, ensuring a smooth finish in a single pass. This eliminates rework, saving you time, fuel, and labour costs.

About Unicontrol

Unicontrol stands at the forefront of developing innovative construction technologies that enhance operational efficiency, accuracy, and safety. With a focus on user-friendly solutions, Unicontrol supports a wide range of earthmovers, from Dozers, Excavators, Wheel Loaders and now Grading Attachments.

We're offering a free 1-month trial of Unicontrol machine control systems, so you can test them on your own machine. Contact us today for details!