New brand alert - Unicontrol 3D machine control

New brand alert - Unicontrol 3D machine control

Posted by Philip Hanrahan B.E., B.A., M.I.E.I. on 19th Apr 2022

The construction industry in Ireland is in high growth at the moment. Given the housing shortage and the influx of refugees, it’s expected that this trend will continue for the next few years, with construction companies facing growing pressure for more productivity. This along with the high cost of materials and fuel has increased the use of technological automation.

In recent years technology involving GPS guidance systems has really taken off showing a massive uptake in machine guidance set ups. Seeing the demand for machine control solutions Hitechniques decided to partner up with Unicontrol - a Danish company offering 3D control systems for all types of excavators and wheel loaders.

Unicontrol created a system that makes the machine operators as independent as possible. The company focused on collecting user feedback and analysing workflows in order to create a tailored solution that is void of unnecessary additions and sticks to what really matters. Their Unicontrol3D offers simplicity and accuracy no other available system has.

“Unicontrol offers more for less with four constellations available as standard, easy-to-use interface and great pricing.” - Brian Mangan, Machine Control Specialist at Hitechniques.

We are proud to be Unicontrol’s sole distributor in Ireland and to have their solutions in our offer. Can’t wait to see what we can achieve together.

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