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Service Pack 2 for X-PAD Ultimate

Service Pack 2 for X-PAD Ultimate

Posted by Hitechniques Team on 20th Dec 2020

GeoMax Positioning has launched Service Pack 2 for X-PAD Ultimate, its flagship software for high-end topographic survey and construction tasks.

One of the new SP2 features, X-TILT, is a system that allows the user to measure points with either an inclined GNSS or TPS pole. Building on the experience with GNSS dual tag, X-TILT now offers the function for Total Stations. X-TILT with dual tag makes it possible to measure an inaccessible point by inclining the pole in two directions and measuring the corresponding position; the position of the point is automatically calculated.

The new CAD features available in Service Pack 2 for X-PAD Ultimate are some of the most important tools that allows to solve a lot of issues in the field. CAD functions have been extended with some new options that allow to edit the polylines. In addition, the CAD feature allows for a photo or sketch to be attached to the coordinates of a measuring point. This helps to save time by giving a visual clue where the last measurement was taken, making it easier to find for the next stage of the project. Topographic points that have an associated photo or a sketch are displayed with a specific symbol in the drawing. Also new, is that the labels of the topographic points can be displayed with the colour of the layer to which the point belongs to. In this way the points can be recognised by their colours, even after they have been exported to CAD.

Collation of Geospatial Organisation (COGO) also has new functions in Service Pack 2. COGO introduces the Traverse Calculation feature that analyses the measurements, identifies the traverse type (closed, closed loop or open) and calculates the errors (linear and angular). Errors can be distributed along the traverse and the measured points can be recalculated.


Service Pack 2 is included with X-PAD Ultimate X-PERT 

X-PERT gives you access to service packs and major updates. Starting with the activation date of the licence, the first year is free of charge and is included in the purchase of X-PAD Ultimate.

See below for available options and pricing.


For more information about the packages and to get the upgrade contact us at or 01 257 2323