Tips on how to take care of a laser level

Tips on how to take care of a laser level

Posted by Philip Hanrahan B.E., B.A., M.I.E.I., Jimmy Kennedy on 2nd May 2023

All tools require proper care and routine maintenance for them to work correctly, and laser levels are no different. They are precision instruments and will give many years of service if cared for properly and serviced regularly. Here are some points to remember to extend your laser level's life and accuracy.

Proper storage

  • Your instrument should always be stored and transported in its specially designed carrying case, which, in turn, should never be used as a temporary tool kit.
  • Moist instruments should be wiped dry before being put away. Damage caused by condensation is one of the biggest problems we encounter in our service department. A wet or damp instrument should never be stored in this condition. See the below picture for damage to the main PCB board due to the device being stored while still wet.