Two products, one complete solution: Combining X-PAD surveying software with Unicontrol3D machine control system

Two products, one complete solution: Combining X-PAD surveying software with Unicontrol3D machine control system

Posted by Brian Mangan B.E. (Agric. Eng.) on 2nd Aug 2023

At Hitechniques, we provide measurement solutions to people in the construction industry. We aim to supply customers with complete solutions that work for their businesses. In times when we’re surrounded by technology, we try to simplify things for them by offering products that can be integrated with their existing systems.

Today we will look at combining two of the products we distribute, the X-PAD surveying software from our GeoMax range and the Unicontrol3D machine control system, which we introduced to Ireland last year.

Unicontrol3D: ease-of-use at its finest

Unicontrol really is a game changer in the machine control industry, as it is the most user-friendly system in the market, built in collaboration with operators for the operator. Similarly, the X-PAD surveying software for the GeoMax equipment is also easy to use and has been developed and updated over the years thanks to user suggestions. Both X-PAD and Unicontrol3D use an Android tablet, and the two systems work seamlessly together.

Some of our customers have a genuine interest in machine control but are not sure about committing, thinking they would not be able to create models/surface files without 3D drawing software. It really is not an issue.

The Unicontrol3D machine control software allows the user to create polylines, splines, and circles. Along with this, there are capabilities to create simple surfaces like:

  1. Surface from cross section - Using a single 3D polyline the operator can create roadways, batters, and trenches.
  2. Foundation outline - The operator can log four corners of a foundation to allow specific offset around the building.
  3. Surface from points - The operator can log points on a particular project and use these points to create the surface.
  4. Flat surface - Allows the operator to enter a given elevation the system for a work level.

What if you need something more?

Sometimes the drawing needed is a bit more complicated and would be too time-consuming to do within the machine control software. While it's not impossible, it would be tedious, and wasting time is the last thing you want when working on your project. This is where combining the data logger of the GNSS rover and the machine control comes into play.

With X-PAD you can create 3D polylines and surfaces for complicated zones such as a large area with changes of slopes in batter’s steps in and out. Check out the picture below for an example of a surface created using the X-PAD surveying software.

Once you have the surface you need created in X-PAD and all the necessary information included, you can easily transfer this data to the tablet in the machine, so the operator can access it through the Unicontrol3D app.

Transferring surface files from data logger to the machine

Transferring files has never been easier and can be completed directly from the datalogger to the machine control tablet without going to the office.

Unicontrol uses a cloud system for transferring data to and from the machine, the cloud is an app installed to the tablet home screen from here we can upload the created surface while onsite.

Check out our video on combining Unicontrol3D and X-PAD software where I go through:

  1. Creating the 3D model on X-PAD
  2. Exporting the file from X-PAD to the Unicontrol machine control cloud.
  3. Accessing and exploring the file on Unicontrol3D.


When choosing a new surveying and/or machine control solution, you should consider the type of project you’ll be undertaking, the budget you’re working with, equipment and software you already own, your team's skills and experience, etc. You must also know what you expect from the new setup and how it will fit into your current workflow.

Selecting a system that will seamlessly integrate with your existing one or two that already work well together can be a key to the successful completion of your project. It saves time, which, in return, saves money. It can also save you a lot of headaches when training your team on the new system.

If you need help choosing the right solutions for your business, get in touch with our experts to schedule a free consultation or a demo. Call us today at 01 256 2323 to talk to an advisor.