UnicontrolCloud: Streamline Construction Projects and Boost Productivity

UnicontrolCloud: Streamline Construction Projects and Boost Productivity

Posted by Brian Mangan, Philip Hanrahan B.E., B.A., M.I.E.I. on 27th Jun 2024

UnicontrolCloud is a software solution designed to digitally manage construction projects and all Unicontrol solutions. It offers a central platform for managing projects, design files, and machines, simplifying workflows and saving valuable time and money. Keep reading to learn about benefits of using Unicontrol's cloud solution.

Centralised Management

UnicontrolCloud allows you to view your entire machine fleet and manage all projects from one place. You can easily create new projects, assign design files, and manage assigned Unicontrol solutions (like excavators with Unicontrol3D) from your office and have everything ready for the operator on site in no time.

Automatic Data Synchronisation 

Upload design files to UnicontrolCloud and they automatically synchronise with all assigned machines working on the project. This eliminates the need for manual updates and ensures everyone is working on the latest version.

Improved On-Site Collaboration

Thanks to UnicontrolCloud operators can easily access project information and stakeout data directly in the cabin of their machine using Unicontrol3D or UnicontrolRover. As-built data is constantly documented and shared across all projects, improving collaboration between operators and ground workers.

Reduced Manual Work

With Unicontrol's cloud software you can create and upload pre-defined point codes to projects, eliminating the need for manual definition by operators. This saves time and avoids errors in data collection.

Simplified As-Built Data Management

UnicontrolCloud lets you easily export as-built data with customisable Export Profiles. Define what data to export and how it should be organised for consistent documentation across projects.

nhanced Collaboration

One of less talked about but definitely handy features of UnicontrolCloud is an option to grant temporary access to Unicontrol solutions and cloud projects. It allows for easy collaboration with other construction companies using Unicontrol's solutions.

Remote Machine Diagnostics

With everything logged in and connected in the cloud Unicontrol Distributors can monitor the status of your machines with real-time diagnostics, allowing for remote troubleshooting and minimising machine downtime.

Overall, UnicontrolCloud revolutionises construction management by providing a seamless and connected dataflow between the site and the office. It streamlines workflows, saves time, improves collaboration, and ensures accurate as-built data documentation.

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