New firmware release for Zenith35 Pro GNSS Rover

New firmware release for Zenith35 Pro GNSS Rover

Posted by Hitechniques Team on 24th Mar 2021

GeoMax announced a new product release: Zenith35 Pro GNSS Series: New NovAtel Measurement Engine Firmware.

A new firmware version OM7MR0804RN0000 for NovAtel`s OEM7 Measurement Engine built in GeoMax Zenith35 Pro GNSS receivers is now available to download and brings some great changers.

* Note that the receiver’s onboard firmware version remains unchanged at 2.43.

What improvements have been made?

Recent firmware improvements include:

  • Spoofing detection (GPS L1 on single antenna) 
  • Support of BeiDou B2b signal tracking 
  • BeiDou Phase 3 Positioning Support (B1C / B2A) and B3, with framed nav messages 
  • Datum transition improvements 
  • Multipath Estimation and Correction (MEC)

What do you need to do now?

It is recommended to upgrade existing instruments in the market to the new NovAtel Measurement Engine firmware version OM7MR0804RN0000.

Information on how to install the ME- firmware can be found in chapter 3.6.3 of the “Zenith35 Pro Installation Guide”.  

Both the FW and installation guide can be downloaded from the GeoMax Technical Library: GeoMax - Partner Portal (Login required).


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