viDoc® Smart Documentation

Switch to Smart Documentation with viDoc®

The viDoc® is a handheld case with an RTK antenna that can be connected to mobile devices. This multi-measurement tool offers a powerful solution for capturing geo-tagged 3D scans using your smartphone or tablet.

viDoc is designed for professional applications in fields like:

  • Surveying: viDoc RTK Rover helps surveyors create highly precise 3D models of land, buildings, and infrastructure. The RTK technology provides centimetre-level accuracy in geo-tagging images, which is crucial for surveying tasks.
  • 3D Modelling: Architects, engineers, and other professionals can use viDoc RTK Rover to capture detailed and accurate 3D models of objects, buildings, and environments. These models can be used for various purposes, such as construction planning, restoration projects, and facility management.
  • Construction: viDoc RTK Rover can be used to monitor construction progress, track changes to a site, and ensure that construction is compliant with plans.
  • Drone Mapping (indirectly): While viDoc itself is not used for drone mapping; it can be a helpful tool for ground control point (GCP) collection in drone mapping projects.

Available in two options: the original viDoc RTK Rover and new viDoc Light. Check out the product comparison sheet for more information and technical specifications.


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    viDoc® BIM Multi Bundle

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  • viDoc light

    viDoc® light

    Turn your smartphone into a professional measurement tool.  With viDoc® light, your smartphone becomes a powerful tool for precise measurement, documentation, and data capture in various fields. State-of-the-art AR functionalities...
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  • viDoc RTK Rover viDoc Model 24

    viDoc® Model 24

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